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There was given a measuring rod like a staff to measure the Temple of G-D, the Alter and those who worship in it. I will grant authority to My Two Witnesses and they will prophesy”…Many of them will be purged, purified and refined and none of the wicked will understand but those who have insight will understand". 

In the note ‘Shifting of the Priesthood’, we described one aspect of the ‘measuring rod’: The chastising of those who ministered before the Lord and Judgment. This chastisement/judgment or measuring depicts the correction and disciplining in order to draw the Enlightened Ones and weed out the wicked and false apostles and prophets.
These Righteous Ones can bring many into righteousness because they have been equipped with insight, Understanding, Wisdom, and Knowledge--the Characteristics of a Divine Creator. They have received Revelation of the Mysteries of the Kingdom and the Mysteries of G-D. They have the Testimony of Christ and keep the Law. They have received the Mark of G-D on their foreheads, which is to have the Mind of Christ. 

They are the Elect of G-D, the Two Olive Trees representing the Anointing of Oil "that empty the golden oil from themselves", "the two anointed ones who are standing by the Lord". The  Two Lamp-stands representing those who have been given Revelation of the Word and Light for the people. They are the Two Witnesses who proclaim, 'not by power nor by might but by my Spirit!  

On the  Lamp-stands, were the seven spouts.  The Number seven is completion and perfection, which depicts a complete and perfect Body of Christ's.  

These Two Witnesses have been given the power and authority by G-D to perform miracles and prophesy for a time. When they have finished their Testimony; in the days of the Voice of the Seventh Angel, when he is about to sound, then the Mysteries will be finished.

Revelations Eleven speaks of “Two Witnesses who testified to the World. These Two Witnesses in Revelations are alluded to as Moses and Elijah. Some say Enoch and Elijah; however, I submit to you that these witnesses are the enlightened one's or the apostles and prophets who operate in the same anointing as Moses and Elijah.

These “Two Witnesses” who are symbolic of the Foundation Stones of Zion are not just two individuals, but a Company of sons and daughters.

The number two in  numerology represents a Divine Witness. Those who operate within these two anointings and who are operating in the power and authority of these anointings are for the purpose of releasing the message of restoration of mankind back to its original state prior to the fall of Adam.

These things spoken of by the Two Witnesses who have the authority to prophesy represent the prophetic revelation of the spoken Word. The Word they speak, if accepted, will restore people to Sonship back into the Image and Likeness of the Divine Creator. G-D's Image is His Mind. Therefore, the revelatory messages of Restoration and the teachings of the apostles and prophets are to reveal the obligations of the Son’s Metron and to point all on the pathway to obtain the Mind of Christ. This must be done in order to restore the people back to that perfect state of Union. 

The Beast make war with the Two Witnesses to ‘kill’ them and they appear to lay dead—dormant, exposed appearing to be vulnerable in the public arena.

Daniel (7) said, “The four winds of heaven were stirring up the great ‘sea’ . Four beasts were coming up from the sea…extremely strong. It had large Iron teeth and trampled down the ‘remainder’ with its feet and it had ‘Ten Horns. Another horn, a little one, came up. Three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots. This horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth uttering greats boasts.That horn was waging war with the Saints and overpowering them until the Ancient of Days come and judgment was passed in favor of the Saints of the High One as the time arrived to take possession of the Kingdom. Horns represent the power of kingdoms. The sea represents people. This ‘Beast’ represents a domain and political power.

The Beast and those who has worshiped the beast are those who depend upon their own intellect, beastly thoughts and the traditions of man. The Beast are all who have an antichrist mindset coming against Divine Order, Divine Authority, Divine Law and Delegated Authority. Neither does the beastly mind understand the things of G-D. They come against these apostles/prophets and the Illumined ones ordained to prophecy.

Those with the beastly mind will speak out against the Most High and think that they will wear down the Saints for a time, times and half a time. Prophetically speaking 3 ½ days of the prophetic week when the ‘oblation’ will cease.

Those with the beastly mindsets think to change the basis of Divine Law refusing to be obedient to them, rejecting and teaching others to do the same. They will come against those who keep the Commandments and those who adhere to Divine Law. Physically, these events have already occurred. The prophetic aspects have been and are now being revealed to those who have ears to hear.

Four beast came up from out of the sea making war thinking that they have overcome these ‘Witnesses’; thinking they have killed and silenced them. It appears that their dead bodies lay in the streets of the great city, which mystically is called Sodom and Egypt. Many will look upon these seemingly dead bodies wagging their heads and making merry. After three and a half days, the Breath of Life  will come into them and they will be restored, standing on their feet in their Election with the power and anointing of Elijah and Moses.

Sodom represents a concealed or obscure thought or habit of the un-restored and un-resurrected man. Before man can come into a realization of the Promise or the Christ, their consciousness must be purified from the antichrist thought process that Sodom and Gomorrah represents. The Gomorrah mindset usually goes along with Sodom thought. This purification is by fire of burning through Spirit  and it must be complete. That is to say that the sensory thoughts and secret beastly habits and lower animalistic nature must be totally and thoroughly removed from ones consciousness.

Egypt refers to the realm of substance and life in the depths of the body’s consciousness. The Great Kingdom that is ruler of the sun or the brain and nerve center called the Solar Plexus. In this case, the solar plexus in which the ruling thought and acts are signifies a hardened heart of Pharaoh, ignorance and bondage in the fleshly realm of one’s perceptions.

G-D will grant great authority to these two witnesses. All, particularly the Beastly churchy System will become enraged. Perhaps they are enraged, in part, because these Two Witnesses will be the most unlikely subjects according to their belief systems. They are enraged because these Witnesses display strength, anointing and take action; they have insight among the people and release understanding as to the Will of the Creator. They will cause many to Glorify the Name of YHVH.

People will fall by the Sword of the Word and be purified by the Flames of Fire. Many will be taken and lured away from Truth becoming captive within the churchy System of hypocrisy because they lack understanding. Many eyes have been closed and ears have been deafened to Truth. These have allowed they who make ‘Desolate’ with their traditions, culture, false perceptions  and thoughts to enter into and dominate the Holy Place of their Mind!

These will become astonished and passively bewildered. Therefore, they offer up unholy sacrifices becoming captive within their own minds unable to distinguish Truth or receive Truth. Thus, Abomination of Desolation in a Holy Place: The Temple—the Body and the Holy Place of the Mind.

The Death of the Two Witnesses is the rejection by those who do not keep the commandments or have the Testimony of  Christ.

Great fear fell upon those who were beholding them. They heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come up here.” And they went up into heaven in the cloud and their enemies beheld them.

Apostle Rubie James 

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!   
Apostle Rubie James
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